07 Mar 2017

Best Ways To Support A Grieving Loved One

Supporting Loved Ones at an Orlando Funeral Home The grieving process is a trying and difficult time that impacts everyone differently. Some people are able to cope quickly with death and continue on to a feeling of normalcy, but for others, the transition of loss can be painful and long lasting. Funeral homes in Orlando are frequent witness to the various forms of mourning. As a supportive friend, remember a few key tips.  Listen to Their Story The best thing […]

07 Feb 2017
Pictures of Chairs at a church

How To Plan A Non Denominational Service

A growing trend in America is the request for non-denominational, semi-religious, or even nonreligious funeral services. An increasing percentage of the population is unaffiliated with any church, but the need for funeral and cremation services in Orlando is still the same. Even if a loved one requests a non-denominational funeral, prefers a simple memorial service, or left no clear instructions or preferences, you can still honor their wishes and consecrate their passing with a dignified and meaningful ceremony. Orlando funeral […]

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